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About Jac

Hi! I'm Jaclyn, The IVF and Pregnancy Strategist.

As a Naturopath, Natural Fertility Expert and HypnoBirthing Practitioner, I inspire women going through fertility struggles to go from feeling helpless, stressed and confused to feeling confident, calm and in control.  I do this so women can enjoy their fertility or IVF cycle and be as fertile as possible to help create the positive pregnancy that they dream of.

Once you are pregnant, next comes the fun and important step of Pregnancy Wellness. This supports all mum's, not just IVF mum's, through each stage of pregnancy as they prepare and move into motherhood. 

Birth Preparation with HypnoBirthing is a non-negotiable for me when it comes to having a positive birth experience. Women who're educated, empowered, confident and calm are highly capable to enjoy their birth experience and are prepared to handle what ever happens on the birthing day. 

My biggest hope is that you (and every other woman) is informed and inspired to make conscious choices for fertility, pregnancy and life as a mother. 

I'm available for Consultations and HypnoBirthing Classes at Ashton Gate House in Launceston. I also work with many people via online appointments. You can book your appointment at For HypnoBirthing dates please email me.




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