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I absolutely love to travel, almost as much as I love the world of fertility and pregnancy. I'm like your personal world explorer in the world of fertility. I know what and where you need to go and do when your heart dreams of a baby. If you feel like you don’t know where to go or what to do but you know you really want to have a family, let me help. I’ve researched all the necessary steps to prepare, I've travelled there, learnt the lessons, felt heartache and along the way I've discovered solutions to help you enjoy the journey and reach the destination

As a leader in IVF preparation and Natural Fertility since 2005, I use the tools of a professional explorer, along with the heart of someone who has passionately taken the journey. Now I’ve put together the important steps to help you get there.

I'd love to help you create the positive pregnancy, baby and life you dream of.


“The journey, for me, has gone from being really daunting, sometimes lonely and at times feeling like it was all out of my control, to being an exciting, peaceful, supported and positive experience.”


To enhance your fertility and prepare for IVF we will:

  • Dig deep into your previous investigations and I will suggest essential new investigations to help find the missing pieces of your fertility puzzle. All test results are assessed from optimal levels - ensuring that you’re both in the most fertile health to help create a baby.

  • Take control of your fertility and optimise your health and address any barriers that may be impacting your ability to conceive or carry a baby to term. It’s often not just 1 factor that needs to be addressed, hello “unexplained infertility” but a combination of factors that need to be worked on to help you create your pregnancy.

  • Help create the healthiest egg and sperm for a natural conception or in preparation for your IVF.

  • Create strategies to help you enjoy your fertility journey so that you look back on the cycle that you create your baby with a happy heart and beautiful memories.

  • Create confidence in your fertility and your own coping strategies so that you know you’re doing everything you can to help create the baby you dream of.


It begins with an Initial 60 min Consultation, in clinic or online, as an individual or together with your partner. You will then have a Follow up consultation each 4-6 weeks as you move through your fertility journey until you’re confident in your fertility or you get your positive pregnancy.

If you’re preparing for IVF then I recommend beginning at least 3 months prior to starting your fertility treatments to enhance your fertility and prepare properly for your cycle.

Treatment usually involves lifestyle and diet changes as well as supplements or herbal medicine as necessary. I’m there to let you know what to do each step of the way and support you as you move your way through it.

I look forward to celebrating your positive pregnancy with you!



Your initial appointment is $150 as an individual or $250 as a couple. Each follow up appointment is $100 for an individual or $180 for a couple. Herbal medicines or nutritional supplements are purchased additionally.