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Create the positive pregnancy, baby and life that you dream of.

Hi, I'm Jaclyn and I'm passionate to help you on your fertility, pregnancy and motherhood journey.

As a Naturopath and Natural Fertility Expert, I love to help women going through Fertility struggles create the positive pregnancy they dream of. I have a keen interest to help prepare couple's for IVF as they work to create their positive pregnancy.

During Pregnancy, I help women make conscious choices for their health and well-being as well as helping them prepare for a positive birth experience and motherhood.

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Free Fertility Confidence Checklist

Discover 3 easy steps to feel calm and confident about your fertility.


I love to travel, nearly as much as I love the world of pregnancy and birth.

I'm like your personal world explorer in the world of fertility. I know what and where you need to go and do when your heart dreams of a baby. I have researched all the necessary steps to prepare, I've travelled there, learnt the lessons, felt  heartache and along the way I've discovered solutions to help you enjoy the journey and reach the destination. 
I use the tools of a professional explorer, along with the heart of someone who has passionately taken the journey and found the best way and important steps to get there.

I'd love to help you create the positive pregnancy, baby and life you dream of.

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Pregnancy Wellness

Pregnancy Wellness is a great passion of mine, especially after going through fertility struggles. It's time to make conscious choices for your health now and in preparation for motherhood, as well as for your baby's future.

When you've dreamt of being pregnant for a long time you want to enjoy it all. You want to know that you're doing the best for yourself and for your baby.
Rates of Post-Natal Depression and Post-Natal Depletion are too high. Pregnancy Wellness is a key element to help prepare yourself for the early stages of motherhood.

Let's create your Pregnancy Wellness Plan, have you enjoying pregnancy, thriving at each stage and feeling prepared for motherhood.

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Positive Birth

HypnoBirthing classes help mum's feel confident, calm and in control on their birthing day.

The day you meet your baby can be one of the most anticipated and beautiful day's of a woman's life, especially so after you've dreamed and planned of being a mum for so long. 

I believe that preparing yourself for birth is one of the most important steps you need to take during pregnancy. Your baby's birthing day can be the most transformative, empowering experience of your life. Preparation, education, relaxation and a tool-kit of techniques are key.
I'd love for you to join a class a class with me in Tasmania soon.

HypnoBirthing in Tasmania

Jac Harris

I'm an IVF and Pregnancy Strategist Strategist, helping women make informed choices for their health and fertility. As a Naturopath, Natural Fertility Expert and HypnoBirthing Practitioner I help women create the positive pregnancy, baby and life that they've been dreaming of. 

14 years ago I was working in a Natural Fertility clinic as a Naturopath. One morning 12 years ago, right before starting to see my fertility patients for the day, my now husband and I found out we would have our own fertility struggles needing IVF. It wasn't until 7 years ago that we were really prepared to start IVF. At that point I was  sure I'd put together all of the knowledge I had into workable strategies for my husband and I so that we could not just survive but enjoy IVF and be in the best possible health and fertility to help create a positive pregnancy. Over the next 3 years I had 2 IVF pregnancies: 1 singleton, and twins. 

Now, with 3 beautiful little girls in my life, I help other women to enjoy their fertility struggles and IVF cycles feeling confident that they are doing everything they possibly can to help create the pregnancy that they dream of. 

I love continuing to work with  women into their pregnancy, helping them to make really conscious decisions for their pregnancy wellness, birth and motherhood journey.

I'm now available for consultation at Ashton Gate House in Launceston or via online appointments for people further away.

I'd love to work with you and help you create the pregnancy, baby and life that you dream of. 


Your IVF Preparation Starts Today

Imagine starting and going through your IVF cycle feeling confident and calm. You have done everything you can to prepare your body and mind to be as healthy and fertile as you possibly can. Truth is, you need to do that. You must prepare yourself, your must be as healthy as you possibly can and your must feel confident and calm. I know how much you want to create this family and I know you want to do everything you can. Get started with your FREE 3 step Confidence Checklist, to begin feeling confident and calm about your fertility today!


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