What do people say about working with me?


“Before meeting Jaclyn I didn’t understand what changes I could make that might help with our fertility struggles. There was a lot of information out there but it was difficult to know what was right, and what was right for us, it really was very overwhelming. Jaclyn provided me with simple, straight forward changes to make and the support and encouragement I needed to empower myself through my fertility journey to really ask the right questions, to make sure I understand procedures and processes and to prepare my body, and my mind.“

“The journey, for me, has gone from being really daunting, sometimes lonely and at times feeling like it was all out of my control, to being an exciting, peaceful, supported and positive experience.”

“I feel entirely at peace with my fertility journey now. I feel healthy in body and mind, supported by Jaclyn and prepared for what is ahead. I feel I’m doing all that I can to help to bring my baby into my world.”

“I feel that with Jaclyn’s help, I’m as healthy and as ready as I can be before setting in to our next round of IVF. Before meeting Jaclyn, I had been guided through the medical side of things, but I felt that there was more that I could be doing to prepare for and to support the medical processes -  I just didn’t really know what that was.”

“The biggest change is that with Jaclyn’s help, I’m taking a holistic approach to my fertility journey not just a medical one, and I’m really, really enjoying it. I didn’t think that this was possible. I honestly can’t thank Jaclyn enough.”

“The one thing that upsets me about my fertility journey, is that its not been until meeting Jaclyn that I’ve enjoyed the process.  I’ve learnt so much since that first appointment about fertility, and the things that I can do to make myself healthy and prepared for IVF, I just wish that I’d know these things and felt so supported all along.”

“For anyone else who is struggling with fertility or preparing for IVF, I would wholeheartedly suggest that they see Jaclyn and with her support and encouragement, they can then embrace this journey, prepare themselves physically and mentally through achievable, simple changes and to begin to fully understand and enjoy this precious time and and the experience as we strive towards bringing a baby into the world.”


“I mainly struggled with morning sickness for around 8 weeks. Having Jaclyn’s support during this time  helped greatly because she could offer lots of different natural ways to help me through.”

“When I look back I’m glad I had naturopathic support during my pregnancy because I felt so much more confident I was doing the best things to support my growing baby and myself.”

“The biggest change for me was understanding what was happening to my body and baby at different stages of my pregnancy. Just having that support, awareness and knowledge definitely helped me especially being my first pregnancy.”

“So many different changes happen to our body during pregnancy and Jaclyn can help give you that whole body holistic support from immune to mind. She gives you that inner confidence and support that we need during this special time. I would highly recommend anyone to Jaclyn for prepregnancy,  pregnancy, post pregnancy support and any naturopath support!

We love your work Jaclyn! “

“Jaclyn helped me on both a physical, mental and emotional level.  Physically, there were periods of time I was completely depleted- unable to concentrate, exercise and function as I would normally- Jaclyn explained to me what physiological process was taking place during that period, so I felt informed and at ease and then she prescribed supplements to support me.“

“The improvement was so quick. I felt like a million dollars”

“I felt so well, so informed, so empowered during my pregnancy and I firmly believe it was Jaclyn’s naturopathic care that enabled this.  Pregnancy was easy and passed by so quick however I’m grateful that Jaclyn reminded me of tools to be in the moment, making conscious choices to embrace my pregnancy.”

“My energy levels quickly improved when working with Jaclyn, I felt my body and baby were thriving”

“Working with Jaclyn during my pregnancy was the perfect fit in my holisitic pregnancy care.  In my experience, the medical system did not meet my needs for support/care where as Jaclyn listened, gave me her time and shared my joy.  Pregnancy, for me, was not about ill-health but certainly about feeling completely well and at my best.  Jaclyn’s pregnancy care is invaluable.”




“I am very glad I took the course with Jaclyn. Not only is she highly knowledgeable about all things pregnancy and birthing but she is a highly approachable and friendly person, who goes out of her way to support you. I will be highly recommending this course to all my pregnant friends to help them calmly prepare for their births.”

 I was really excited about being a dad, but I really had no idea about birth and what to expect. I was worried I wouldn’t know how to support J throughout the birth.  I now feel confident and ready for the birth of our baby. I feel like I have good insight into how the female body and birth works. I also feel confident in advocating for J and our baby if necessary. I really like having learnt techniques that can assist me to support J as she works her way through the stages of birth.”

“I am excited for our birthing day, I feel prepared and very supported. I am confident in the birth preferences I have discussed with my midwife and I feel empowered by my knowledge I have gained from the classes. I also can see how much Brett got from the classes and how much his view of the birthing has changed, for the better.”

“Jaclyn and the hypnobirthing classes were seriously life/pregnancy changing, from a medical emergency background, learning about the natural process of birthing was very refreshing, I feel supported by not only B, but Jac and my midwife team. If you want to feel like an educated empowered mumma to be, hypnobirthing classes are for you!”

“Jaclyn made everything we learnt very easy to understand, she wasn’t biased or judgemental and the classes never felt rushed. It was a comfortable environment and it taught me a lot.“

”Before doing hypnobirthing classes, I felt extremely nervous, anxious and scared about pregnancy and birth. People had drilled into me about their negative painful birthing experiences, I had never heard anything positive. Being a medical professional  myself, I knew that I did not want my experience to be a medical one.”

“We now feel we are ready and well prepared for our birthing experience and beyond. We are now relaxed and at ease knowing that everything will be fine and work out exactly how it is meant to.”




“Before undertaking the Balance Blueprint program, I felt like life was getting on top of me and I was just trying to get by day by day. Since undertaking the program I have learnt a range of new strategies both practical and mental that have allowed me to be more organised and live each day with intention.”

“Jac is kind, caring, understanding and so knowledgeable. I found working with her was so rewarding because she is so easy to talk to and she always provides relevant and practical advice/thoughts whenever it is needed.”

“Jaclyn created a safe and supportive environment and was always available to answer any questions I had, or assist when I was struggling with a particular area with positive suggestions on how I could get to where I wanted to be.”