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As you move through your pregnancy, we work together to help optimise your emotional, mental and physical health. Your Naturopathic pregnancy care will address any symptoms as well as developmental stages and nutritional needs for both you and baby to thrive. It’s about making sure you’re as healthy and happy as you can be and that your giving your baby the best start.

So many mums-to-be put emphasis on the nursery furniture, the pram and the wall decals when the fundamental priority should be your health, mentally, emotionally and physically, your baby’s health and preparation for your health and wellbeing as a mum.

It’s well established that a woman’s journey into motherhood is influenced by how supported she feels, heard and in control she feels during her pregnancy and birth.

I’ll help you make informed and conscious choices during every stage of your pregnancy so that you feel in control, healthy and calm, and I’m there to support you and help ease you into the transition of becoming a mother. This is really important for any mother but especially if you’ve struggled to conceive as pregnancy and motherhood after fertility can come with it’s own struggles.


“I’m glad I had naturopathic support during my pregnancy because I felt so much more confident I was doing the best things to support my growing baby and myself.”

“I felt so well, so informed, so empowered during my pregnancy and I firmly believe it was Jaclyn’s naturopathic care that enabled this.”


Your First trimester

We will meet for a consultation once you find out you’re pregnant, typically at the 4-5 week mark and then again at 8 weeks. At your initial Pregnancy Appointment Jaclyn will assess your lifestyle/health/nutrition and supplements to make sure you’re doing everything you can to get your pregnancy off to a healthy start.

At 8 weeks, symptoms of the first trimester are usually addressed and a comprehensive plan is put together to help you through them so that you can really enjoy your first trimester.

Your initial Pregnancy Appointment is $150 and your 8 week follow up is $100.

Pregnancy Wellness

When you reach 12 weeks you move into your Pregnancy Wellness Package. This unique program is tailored to your Pregnancy. Appointments vary between 2-6 weeks apart in different stages of your pregnancy/post-partum and are all included in your package.

A complete Naturopathic Pregnancy Wellness Package begins at 12 weeks pregnant through to 8 weeks post-partum.

Please email me to find out details about a Pregnancy Wellness Package for you.

All Pregnancy Consultations are available online or you can visit in person in Launceston.