Thyroid & Fertility


Wow! It's hard to fit all the information about thyroid and fertility in to one neat little blog.  So, I'm not going to try to! ;-)

Thyroid health is a common topic in clinic with my fertility (and general health) clients. Not because everyone has Hashimoto's or Grave's but because I see often see people where a less than optimal thyroid function could a factor in their fertility/health picture.

Generally, if a person has thyroid disease they are generally aware of it, because their Doctor has already diagnosed it. Or their symptoms are so bad that they are being investigated. What I often see in clinic are the people who have a few symptoms, tests that don't quite look "right" or tests that fall within normal but not optimal along with the combination of temperature charts that don't fall within my ideal temperature ranges.

In this video I begin to explore thyroid health and as always 3 steps that you can begin to follow if you're curious about how thyroid might be impacting your health and also your chance of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy.